Business Transcriptions

  • What is transcription?
    Transcription is the conversion of a voice-based dictation into text format; a written version of speech.
  • How long does transcription take?
    Transcription typically takes between three to four times the audio file length. For example, 60 audio minutes should take approximately three to four hours to transcribe. However, many factors can affect the speed of transcription: poor audio quality, speakers’ accents, and background noise can play a part.
  • What file types can be transcribed?
    100wpm can transcribe any file types. However most compatible for transcription software are: .mp3, .mp4, .wma, .dss, .ds2 and .wav
    Note .wav files can be extremely large and affect the upload / download speed however using Hightail will make this file sharing easy.

  • How do I send my files?
    Because most audio files are quite large and may contain sensitive content, the easiest way is to upload using Hightail to 100 WPM secure account.
    Alternatively, if you are a Dropbox user, simply share your folder. You can also use any other file-sharing application you prefer.


Medical Transcriptions

  • How will I receive my transcript?
    Your transcripts will be sent in Word format as an attachment. These may be sent via email, however due to sensitive and private content, it can also be sent via Hightail 100 WPM secure account. If you have a Dropbox folder, transcripts can also be shared through that if you prefer.
  • How long does it take to receive my finished transcription?
    Turnaround options are dependent on how quickly you require your transcript. Most transcripts are completed within a 24 hour period. Larger files will require a longer turnaround time.
  • How do I pay?
    Once your files are received, 100 WPM will send you an invoice via email. You can then make payment by either bank transfer or PayPal where you may use credit card.
  • What will it cost for transcriptions?
    Transcription rates vary and are based on the quality of the file, the clarity of the transcriber’s voice, preferred transcription style and any additional requirements. Industry standard for transcription is three to four hours of typing for every one hour of audio time. Please see 100 WPM pricing page or contact us with your requirements for a more accurate quotation.


Transcription Success