Medical Transcriptions

Medical Transcriptions

Includes all fields of Medicine

Medical transcriptions take a certain level of understanding of medical terminology, anatomy and medical recording techniques. Errors can make a difference in the patient’s care or treatment.

Michelle Baker, 100 WPM has years of experience in a variety of medical fields to give her a firm foundation for this specific field of work.

From transcription of complex medico-legal reports and medical conferences to straight dictation, 100 WPM provides the support to all medical firms and is familiar with confidentiality requirements of such private data. For smaller practices we often type the entire workload, freeing up office staff to manage patients, bookings and higher value work.

Legal Transcriptions

Legal ~ Investigation Reports

Government agencies or private businesses

Precision is key to legal and investigation reports.

100 WPM understands that meticulous care must be taken when transcribing such information. Our legal transcription service offers complete confidentiality and delivers valuable support by ensuring your typing is performed when it is needed the most.

Business Transcriptions

Business Transcriptions

Includes all areas of private or Government agencies

From very large corporate businesses to small businesses, the need for transcriptions is a constant. Accurate transcriptions of voice recordings are essential. They solidify the information to be shared with those in the company who need it.

They document how work is carried out, what results are achieved and where the business is going. Michelle is prepared to take on regular work from individual businesses so that their ongoing transcription needs are met.

Academic Transcriptions

Academic Transcriptions

Seminars or academic notes

Research, whether for a specific field or area of interest or a Master’s or doctorate thesis, takes a lot of time. It may also involve countless interviews over several years. For the researcher to stop and transcribe all that content, would take away from the time allowed for continued research.

Having the work transcribed, allows the researcher to carry on while the work to date is documented by the transcriptionist.

In academic work, there is a need for accuracy, so that any references can be looked up and any statistics are correct. Consistent, accurate transcribing by an educated professional is essential to maintain the quality of the work. 100 WPM can deliver to this standard.

Meeting Transcriptions

Interviews ~ Meeting Transcriptions

Interview ~ Meetings

Documenting your recent meeting or interview can be made simple by sending your draft through to 100 WPM. Your specified format, eg:  question and answer, conversational or narrative can be quickly and accurately typed and back to you within a specified timeframe.
Speeches and Lecture Transcriptions

Speeches ~ Lectures

Speeches and Lecture Transcpriptions

Writing speeches and lectures can be tricky. You know what you want to say but it can be difficult to write it down when you think of it. 100 WPM transcription service offers you the capability of iPhone or iPad voice memos to be sent through for typing when you have compiled all your notes. Let 100 WPM help by transcribing your thoughts into accurate notes ready for that all important speech or lecture.
Data Entry

Data Entry ~ Copy Typing

Data Entry ~ Copy Typing

If you need data entered quickly and accurately, engage the service of 100 WPM and have the information entered into your database with ease.

Copy typing in the form of hand written notes or master documents that require duplication are all part of the 100 WPM transcription service.